I have never used a caravan or camper trailer before, what do I need to know?

A practical demonstration is provided when you pick up your caravan or camper trailer. An instruction manual is also provided in the van. (Please allow up to an hour to complete your handover).

Does the caravan or camper trailer take long to set up?

All our caravans and camper trailers can be ready for use in 10 approximately minutes.


What do we need to bring?

Everything is supplied with the exception of your food and personal items. Linen may be provided for an additional fee.


Are there any restrictions where I can take the caravan or camper trailer?

All LiV caravans and camper trailers may be taken Australia-wide however they must be driven at all times on sealed/bitumen roads.


Does the caravan or camper trailer have a battery?

Yes. The caravan and camper trailer each have a 120 amp/hr battery.

Will I need to get a brake controller for the caravan?

No!  An electric brake controller will be supplied for your vehicle during the handover.


Is Insurance included in the hire rates?

Yes. All LiV caravans and camper trailers have full comprehensive & public liability insurance. However, you are required to have comprehensive insurance for the towing vehicle named on the contract.


Will my electrics work with the caravan or camper trailer?

The caravans and camper trailers are fitted with 7 pin round plugs. An adaptor can be supplied if your vehicle is fitted with 6 pin round or 7 pin flat plugs. Some European vehicles such as Land Rovers, VW's, BMW's and Volvo's do not allow the operation of LED trailers lights effectively. In this case it would be necessary to hire an adaptor that enables legal operation of LED trailer lights.


Will my vehicle be able to tow the caravan or camper trailer?

Your vehicle owners manual will outline your maximum legal braked towing capacity and maximum tow ball weight. You should ensure your vehicle complies with the following towing specifications to ensure you are not breaching the law and/or compromising your vehicles insurance.

   Tare weight   Approx. Tow ball weight
 Outback Expanda Caravan Approx.  1653kg  160kg
 Outback Eagle Camper Trailer Approx.  1150kg  109kg

If you are unsure of your vehicles towing capacity we are more than happy to assist you.


Are there any other hidden costs?

No. Insurance, GST, caravan and camper trailer instruction and gas are all included in the hire rates.


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